Look what we’ve got!

Last weekend we got six chicks from a friend who is raising chickens this year.

They are currently living in Fritzs abandoned dog crate on the porch, rigged up with some cardboard on the sides so their shavings don’t get all over.

There is a blanket over the cage, a heat lamp keeping them warm for a few more weeks (until they get all their grown up feathers and look like real chickens) and baby feed and waterers.

The chicks don’t have names yet- they all look the same except the darkest one (above) and the lightest grey and red one (in the center of the above picture).

They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. They are Easter Eggers, which are more a mixed breed that lays colorful eggs. These chickies will be egg chickens.

This is the back of the garage, where the coop will go.

Very exciting! The dogs and cats are interested.

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