Look what we’ve got!

Last weekend we got six chicks from a friend who is raising chickens this year.

They are currently living in Fritzs abandoned dog crate on the porch, rigged up with some cardboard on the sides so their shavings don’t get all over.

There is a blanket over the cage, a heat lamp keeping them warm for a few more weeks (until they get all their grown up feathers and look like real chickens) and baby feed and waterers.

The chicks don’t have names yet- they all look the same except the darkest one (above) and the lightest grey and red one (in the center of the above picture).

They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. They are Easter Eggers, which are more a mixed breed that lays colorful eggs. These chickies will be egg chickens.

This is the back of the garage, where the coop will go.

Very exciting! The dogs and cats are interested.

You guys know I love a good storm. Especially since this one let us keep electricity! I love electricity especially in winter.

We got three feet of snow. Three feet! Snow day! The snow stopped 4-5 hours ago and we still haven’t seen a plow. The snow in the backyard is past my hips. I love it.


Fritz is really into it.

This is my street. Yeah. I don’t see it either.

Not pictured- Puff. She was waiting by the porch. No thanks, snow says Puff.

Someday I will update some new things but right now it’s snowy. Be safe, guys!!

Hi! The other day I was at Marshalls looking for sheets and I found these delicious Kate Spade sheets that were on sale. Except…they were white. I have two smelly dogs that like to sleep on the bed (or run up and jump on the bed after digging in the mud) and we can’t keep white things white.

I bought them anyway.

Then I went to the craft store and bought some teal RIT dye.

Then I washed the sheets.

Then I tied them up with a ton of yarn and rubber bands. There wasn’t really a method here, I crinkled and twisted and scrunched until I thought I was done.

Then I wet the sheets in the sink, and dunked them into the dye (which I prepared according to the package directions). I left them in there for about 25 minutes, stirring occasionally with a stick I found in the yard.

Then I carefully slopped them into the sink and rinsed them clean while I cut out the yarn. I didn’t want to leave any white, so I dunked them back into the dye quickly and rinsed again.

Then the sheets went into the laundry again, and then onto the bed!

This is the fitted sheet.

Aaaand this is what the bed looks like now. Hooray!

Vegetables. Oxheart (top and bottom left) and black Russians, sweet 100s, yellow pears and sungolds, and pole beans and Hungarian hot wax peppers. Also growing but not pictured: peas (done), leeks, many more tomatoes, acorn squash, brussel sprouts, cauliflower.

Autumn Joy Sedum. This is in a pot where it was rescued when I dug up the front flower bed. It will be planted in the ground eventually.

Echinacea. Pink ones.

Mini black eyed susans. These grow wild around my front yard.

These puffballs. I don’t know what they are (do you?). They grow on stalks about five feet tall and have a bunch of these puffy flowers.

Bee balm. I just love it so much. I think I have five different kinds. Maybe more. I chop it up and use it in tomato salad.

Little carrots. Yum.

Hungarian hot wax and cherry bomb peppers. Used to make hot sauce.

White clematis. I planted this (on a hoop) in the front near the others.

Black eyed susan vine.

Our herb garden, a month or two ago. I mulched it after this photo, then morning glories took over. The morning glories are climbing up to the second floor right now. In the herb garden are lavender, bee balm, sage, rosemary, lemon balm, chives, bush basil, regular basil, cilantro, oregano, winter savory and thyme. In a pot nearby I have another rosemary (a creeping one) and a bay tree. Bye!

This is our upstairs bathroom. I hate it. Yucky old linoleum, blue and pink tiles (ignore the missing ones) heavy ugly vanity, walls painted to match the blue tile. Holes in the ceiling paint from when we (my dad) installed the ceiling fan. We had the idea of taking up the yucky linoleum and taking down the pink trim tile, and putting down white tile on the floor and white trim instead of the pink. Let me talk about how gross this linoleum that is on the floor is. It’s a dingy white color, that no matter how much I clean it, it doesn’t turn white. At one point, there used to be a raised pattern, but with time the pattern has flattened out just enough to get a little bit of dirt caught forever in some of the grooves but it just looks grimey all. the. time. Ick.

I like the sink/counter combo, and we had planned to paint the vanity. Turns out only the doors are real wood, the rest is gross pressed wood that is all warped and trashed from getting wet for years. Also, if you look to the left in the picture, there used to be a wider, shorter vanity there when the bathroom was tiled. Whoever put in this vanity put in some weird matching wood pieces on either side. Now the plan is to get a new vanity. Maybe one we can use our existing sink top with, maybe not! We’re searching.

To take up the floor, Alex took out the vanity and the toilet. Fritz investigated.

Here is a picture of Alex’s butt. And the surprise we found under the gross linoleum! More gross linoleum! Yuck. This second layer of linoleum was put down the same time as the gross brown tile in the rest of the upstairs. What terrible taste. Also, check out the terrible plumbing to the left. Those pipes are for the sink, but instead of coming out of the wall like most people’s bathroom, they come out of the middle of the floor! Ugh.

Then Alex took up all the linoleum. Then he took up the rest of the plywood layers. The picture above is before he finished. Check out those wide original boards! I wish they were complete enough that we could use them as the floor, but we can’t. They’re so wise and perfectly fit together.

We figured we might as well go all out. Bye, bye blue tiles! We’re taking down both the pink and the blue tile, except around the tub. Scroll back up to the top picture. See how the tiles don’t go all the way to the ceiling? We’re going to tile all the way up around the tub, keeping the blue, but taking out  the pink and replacing it with white. The walls under the tile is in pretty good shape, so we’re going to put up bead board and a chair rail. That’s the plan, at least.

The good news is that we have the downstairs bathroom, and we can still use the tub upstairs, so even though this is a much bigger project than we expected we’re at least able to shower and everything! Wish us luck!

Hi! It’s been a while, we’ve been busy! Look at this clematis! It’s my favorite (I have five or six or seven), this one is an Arctic Queen. It came with my house. I’ve been digging in the yard (photos to come), planting and weeding and weeding and weeding and trying to keep the dogs (really, Fritz) out of the plants. Dogs don’t care about plants! I’ll update about yard things later I don’t have any pictures.

Look at this sweet painting my mom gave me for my birthday! It’s done on a piece of glass! I put it in a frame and hung it up in the kitchen for the time being. It’s awesome.

What else is awesome is that our town has a town-wide tag sale every year in May. TOWN-WIDE! The Historical Society makes a map of the town for everyone to drive around and go to the tag sales. There were 144 tag sales! It was bananas. We maybe went to twenty. We didn’t get much, but we saw two English Setters and got this amazing JFK at the beach print! It’s a print on canvas, and it’s pretty big. It’s so awesome. I don’t know where this is going to live, but right now it’s leaning against the fireplace.

Have you ever been to a ReStore? Restore is a retail store run by Habitat for Humanity where they sell furniture and building materials that were donated. We bought this amazing bedroom set, made by Kent-Coffey. The set is called the Foreteller.

We got a high dresser, a low dresser, a mirror, and a bed set. The bed isn’t set up yet –  we have a queen size bed and the bed frame is full sized. We are going to pick up a set of converter rails so we can use the awesome headboard and foot board. Pictures coming.

I’m psyched. Wait til you see what we are doing with the bathroom!


Ugh you guys look at our downstairs bathroom. Green and yellow tile, bright yellow walls, ‘antiqued’ dark greenish trim.

From inside the bathroom, look at this gross door! This bathroom is like 4×4, so hard to take photos of. There used to be wallpaper in there with sunflowers. I took it down a while ago.

Then I had a day off and finally got so sick of looking at this stupid bathroom. I decided to paint it while Alex was at work for a surprise.

I used the paint from the dining room (light light yellow) and white for the trim. It was fast and came out great!

Its so much cleaner and now I even like the tile a little bit.

Then I put a rug in and hung up pictures and put a plant in there. Yay! Soon we have to put in a new floor because this one is stupid.

Then I had Alex put up the sweet little heart cabinet that was there before we moved in. I feel so much better about that stupid bathroom now!!!!


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